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The best tricks for cheap marketing

Posted by on Nov 2, 2015

The best tricks for cheap marketing

When you are running some great marketing company with enviable budget for marketing, all you need is to gather the creative team of designers, programmers and people to create a campaign, you only have to deal with coordinating the work. But when you have a small marketing company with a very limited budget for advertising you have to be extra imaginative and to triple its marketing efforts to attract customers and increase sales. Today, this work has become more difficult because of the economic crisis which has taught consumers to be more cautious than before.

In this post I will write about some ideas that will help you in marketing your business, increase sales and ultimately help to build a recognizable brand on the market at minimal cost.

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Go out for a walk

Next time when you will be walking through the city, pay attention to the small shops and their windows. If you do a showcase suitable, go inside and see the owner. All you have to do is agree with him, that for a price, your hoarding put on showcase. Be careful, you can pay advertising space 25 euros a month in a place where someone pays rent 1,500 euros each month. This tactic works in reverse, if you are a shop owner with a good window (sufficiently large window on busy place) offer other businesses advertising space in your window at a great price.

special-offer-price-tagA special offer, only today

If you sell stops, try sending an e-mail with the formula: ” If you call today on 007 007 007, you have a discount of 25 %.” This method really works in America.  However, it is free, so it costs you nothing to try. The idea of urgency drives consumers to action, and a special discount it drives them crazy.

Gossiping technique (or technique recommendations)

Gossip-as-Performance-AuditorThis is an exceptional technique, especially in small region. All who work with you or work with you are your friends, and their friends have their friends and acquaintances. Well, nothing does not prevent that in the next 48 hours contact them or better still visit one of your close person, people from your surroundings : accountant, lawyer, plumber, electrician, suppliers, night watchman, a mechanic, a bunch of friends, relatives, priests, dentists, doctors, trainers etc. If you, or a close circle of friends and your employees do not know anyone who might be interested in your service or product, people on the list should know. All you need is to ask these people to recommend you or use the opportunity to mention you to their friends. Some small service will certainly help them to remember. At the very least, they can forward your business card or you mention on your website, newsletter, or blog. Of course, pay attention to your gossip promote the product that you are selling.

Maybe this would help you to save money that you would invest later in a real and certainly expensive marketing. Remember that “ Rome wasn’t built in a day”.

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