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How to Sell Food CD’s and Cookbooks through advertisements on Radio, TV & Newspapers?

Posted by on Nov 6, 2015

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If you wish to sell your precious or age old meatloaf recipe book, then you have landed on the right page. Some of the traditional media like television, newspaper and radio helps in a great way to market a product. When you use such mediums, you can easily reach the potential customers in quick time. You do not have to wait for months to find the audience.

Newspaper: Newspaper advertisements are great for promoting cookbooks, food CD’s, cooking shows or rare recipes. It is affordable and targets the local audience. You can run an advertisement campaign by placing advertisements on the same paper for continuous days or only on weekend editions. The newspaper ads will attract the customer to at least trial the product.

The prices will be fixed according to the size of your advertisement. Nowadays, most people are following a smart route to market cookbooks. They publish an article or brief description about the cookbook in a third party manner. It easily impresses the readers, and they think about purchasing. Instead of just printing the images, you can write an article about your food CD or cookbook and publish in the newspaper. It will get a better reach than ordinary advertisements.

Radio: The radio advertisements are popular because of its success results. It has become common for all people to tune into radio whenever free, while going for a walk, driving a car or even while cooking. As the reach is excellent in radio, you can market cookbooks and food CD in an easy way.

There are different packages in a radio advertisement. You can run the ads every day for a particular number of time. The seller should fix it. They can first start with a small budget and then promote in a large way. If you can find good results, you can perform on a continuous basis to make people aware of your food CDs, recipes, and cookbooks.

Television: It is a bit expensive marketing medium, but you can cover worldwide audience. It is effective when you perform on a careful note. You will get a chance to talk to your book on own, or a professional will interview you. Ensure to buy the ownership of the video. If the video is two to three minutes, you can upload in YouTube and make people aware of your cookbook even on the internet. You can also share the video in your blog and website.

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