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Getting E-Cig Product Social

Posted by on Dec 12, 2015

CMv5yaGXAAATLJ9Smoking is a social activity, and it cannot be denied. When people get together they smoke or for the urge of smoking they get together. However, they integrate the bottom line is smoking and socializing goes together. Whether it is face to face or online media, the face remains the same. Blu is a company that makes e-cigarettes, especially vape products. What is unique about this company is that it coordinates with e-smokers and allows them to be visible online when they lit up. The social media has turned to be a new platform for e-smoker where they can hang around while taking a puff and also make new friends.

E-cigarette is a device that looks like a standard cigarette that gives you the pleasures of smoking, but it is a mist of nicotine mist. Vape pens and vape liquids are marked safe that gives you the same sensation, flavor, and appearance of the original. What makes it convenient for smokers is that e-cig can be used in public places and indoors as it is just water vapor. Smart packs are being introduced shortly by the company that may be priced at $80 for a pack of five. These are packs that can emit radio signals and catch the signals from other packs within a range of 50 feet. A blue light flashes once a signal is transmitted.

This is a new technology informs the founder of Blu, Jason Healy. During this process, the smokers get a chance of meeting new people and making more friends. The novel factor is bound to attract buyers, and this can give a new definition to e-smoking. With newer technologies gaining prominence smoking also has taken a new dimension. It is an effort to get rid of the harmful effects of smoking by introducing e-liquid that are harmless.

These packs come with a charger and can be reused. What makes it unique is that these packs allow the exchange of information regarding their owners. Social networking contact information can be exchanged. This information can be downloaded to your computers or handheld devices. Another feature of this pack is that it vibrates when the customer gets close to a Blu retail outlet that sells e cig. These are the best way to stay away from the habit is to opt for e-cigarettes and start making new friends. Start now and get relief from harmful effects of smoking by changing to e-cigarette and expand your social network.

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